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Inga Grdzelishvili

Inga Grdzelishvili works as a research scientist for the Jegrelius Research Center in Östersund, Sweden. She is responsible for researching plant chemicals and finding information about their toxicity and medical uses. She is implementing a project that will develop scientific collaboration between Sweden and former Soviet republics regarding environmental issues and human health. Successful implementation of this project will establish new relationships between scientists and entrepreneurs who seek environmentally friendly methods of production.

Grdzelishvili is a citizen of the Republic of Georgia. Her work experience is the area of pollution prevention, environmental risk assessment and remediation technologies. From 1990 to 1999 she worked for the Environmental Protection Department of the Georgian Oil Company as a chemical engineer responsible for protection of the Black Sea from petroleum industry activities. Before that she worked for the Geological Scientific Sector of the Georgian Scientific Academy as a laboratory technician, involved with determining levels of pollution from drilling activities. In summer of 2001 she worked as a intern in the Office of Air and Radiation of the US Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. reviewing the human health and environmental risks associated with industrial chemicals and technologies.

Grdzelishvili has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho in the USA, where she attended with a scholarship from the Edmund S. Muskie/FREEDOM Support Graduate Fellowship of the U.S. Department of State. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgian Politechnical University in Tbilisi, Georgia. She speaks Georgian, Russian, English, and Swedish languages.