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Cheryl Vann

Cheryl Vann has worked as a research scientist, project manager, grant writer, environmental consultant, and naturalist guide for the past 12 years. Last year, she graduated with a M.S. degree in Environmental Studies and opened her own business “CSV Consultants”. Her work has primarily been focused in Hawaii, where she founded the grassroots group “Friends of Keone’o’io” to alleviate recreation-based confrontations and to protect natural and cultural resources in South Maui. In partnership with the non-profit organization Hawaii Wildlife Fund, she has raised more than half a million dollars in grant monies to establish research, educational outreach, and enforcement efforts in South Maui. This research includes conducting human use surveys, GPS surveys of marine benthic habitat, marine debris clean-ups, and archaeological site stabilization projects. She has organized and facilitated community meetings for a diverse group of stakeholders, and has served as liaison for government agencies interacting with the public to resolve ocean recreation use conflicts. Ms. Vann also volunteers with a number of organizations to promote marine endangered species research and protection.