Carol Ferrie

Carol Ferrie

Carol Ferrie joined the PERC team in 2001 as a program coordinator, focusing on programs for environmental practitioners and entrepreneurs, but also pinch hitting for the expanding slate of educational and outreach programs. She also serves as managing editor of PERC publications, overseeing production of PERC Reports, Policy Series, and other printed projects.

After graduating from Kent State University with a degree in journalism, Carol headed west to Arizona, where she worked as a newspaper reporter and later moved to Montana. She left PERC in 2009 to move farther west and mow resides in Northern California.  

Articles by Carol Ferrie

Exploring Nature in Cyberspace

We hate TV, but we have a favorite show…we hate electronic eavesdropping, but we love it when it is used to capture a fiendish criminal. We love to hate it. We hate to love it.


  Fifteen years ago, an academic publisher quietly released Free Market Environmentalism by Terry Anderson and Don Leal. At the time, few mainstream environmentalists or…

Advertising for Clean Water

By Carol Ferrie Every year, corporations spend about $150 billion on advertising, says Paul Polizzotto, but very little of it goes to improve quality of…