Incentives and Conservation

The Next Generation of Environmentalists

Edited By Daniel K. Benjamin

The reality of U.S. environmental policies today is that the dominant policy approach of the modern environmental era--federal standard setting, permitting, and enforcement--is no longer sufficient to achieve significant further progress, much less to meet the challenges of the future. The new environmentalists represented here have accumulated substantial evidence that with market-based incentive systems much more progress in resource stewardship and environmental enhancement can be achieved--without the contention, without the divisions, and without debilitating costs.



2048 Analysis Drive, Ste. A
Bozeman, MT 59718
2004, 187 pp.

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The effect of government policy changes on the private sector has been the unifying theme that ties together Daniel K. Benjamin's broad-scale research. He not only examines the outcomes of policy changes, but also the reasons behind the modifications.Taxes, unemployment, risk assessment, and drugs have been the focus of much of Benjamin's research...
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