Cole Mannix is part of the 5th generation of his family’s Mannix Ranch (est. 1883) in Helmville, MT where he grew up raising livestock and learning about ranching.
Jeff Batton is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse professional background in start-ups, large corporations, and non-profit entities.
David Hoffman is currently developing a company devoted to measuring air quality in the Bozeman and Salt Lake City areas based on a network of optical sensors. He is also an embedded systems and firmware consultant with the Utah Strategic Innovation Group.
Project Hydrologist, Copper Environmental Consulting, Anaconda MT, 2012 – Present Collection and analysis of data and documents to assist liable parties with long term planning for the remediation of Superfund sites in the Upper Clark Fork Basin.
Dave Wager is the owner, artisan, and forester for Tree Ring Pens LLC.
Sarah Fitzgerald, as a native of the Big Sky state, has a high level of commitment to help Montana grow economically, while keeping in constant consideration the ecological and cultural/social treasures of the “last best place.” Sarah recently graduated from the Universit
Andy works to restore streamflows to creeks and rivers in Western Montana. He partners with water right holders and irrigation groups on projects that benefit both fish and farmers.
Enthusiastic about experiential education, cross-cultural interaction, international conservation, and small-business development, Josh works with U.S.
Brianna Randall grew up in the mountains of southern California and received her B.A. in Biology from the University of San Diego.
Jim is currently completing his Master’s degree in Environmental Science at the University of Idaho.  His thesis focuses on water quality issues (governance, contaminants, consumption, etc.) in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plain States and seeks to evaluate the public’s a
Nate Anderson has varied professional experience in conservation, education and forestry, most recently working as a forest land specialist for Long View Forest Management in Charlestown, NH, and as an instructor and program coordinator for the Student Conservation Associ
Danielle Nicholas is Founder and Manager of Eagle Ridge Ranch Beef, LLC, a grassfed beef business focusing on supplying exceptionally high-quality, sustainably-raised beef to Southwestern Montana and beyond. Nicholas is interested in promoting the complex taste
Jennifer Boyer is the director of Future West in Bozeman, Montana.
At a young age Chris Corbin was told, "Do what you love." He has been pursuing his passion for water ever since. He left his home in Northwest Arkansas to explore the fabled waters of Montana and pursue an education.