Wendy Purnell

2016 Update
Wendy works at PERC doing Outreach.

2014 Enviropreneur Institute Bio
Wendy Purnell is a communications and business development consultant. With a background in advertising, public policy, and education, she helps NGO and for-profit clients market new products and communicate ideas to new audiences. Programs she developed with environmental NGO Paso Pacífico, have received recognition from National Geographic, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the InterAmerican Development Bank.

Hands-on experience on Capitol Hill, in Eastern Europe, and in Central America has taught Wendy that peaceful, productive solutions for environmental conflict come from understanding basic principles of ecology and economics.Her current project, EarthArcade, is a suite of interactive games designed to teach conservation science and environmental economics.

Wendy lives a bike ride from the beach in Los Angeles, but her favorite places worth protecting are Priest Lake, Idaho and Ostional, Nicaragua.

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