Jeremy Gingerich

Jeremy Gingerich grew up along the Palmer Divide in Colorado, spending much of his free time in the foothills or on the ranches of friends and neighbors.  After watching the ranches of his youth become subdivisions, Jeremy became interested in maintaining the remaining open landscapes of the West.  He believes the best way to do so is to manage them for sustainable profit and increased land health.  After earning a B.S. in Natural Resources Recreation & Tourism and a certificate in Conservation Biology from Colorado State University, Jeremy entered the ranching profession from a conservation perspective.  He spent 12 years working on and managing cattle and bison ranches in Colorado and southwest Montana. He now manages the Banded Peak Ranch in southwest Colorado and consults for Ranch Advisory Partners, in addition to being a PERC Enviropreneur Institute Alum. Before that, he managed the Red Rock Ranch, a bison and fishing operation near Dillon, MT, for Turner Enterprises, Inc.  In 2010, Jeremy accepted a Fellowship to attend the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, a 2-year M.S. program to further develop leaders in the ranching profession.  His Master’s project is the development of a long-term strategic plan for the 590,000-acre Vermejo Park Ranch, the flagship ranch of Turner Enterprises.  Jeremy’s professional goal is to sustainably and profitably manage large landscapes for a diverse mix of goods and services, including food, fiber, recreation, water, wildlife habitat, energy, open space, and others as appropriate and not in conflict with stakeholder values.

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