James G. Workman

James Workman‚ a visiting professor at Wesleyan University’s College of the Environment‚ wrote the award-winning Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought‚ a book which lay the basis for his co-founding SmartMarkets LLC‚ a business venture that partners with utilities to let people earn‚ own‚ and trade the water and energy they save. Workman is a PERC Enviropreneur™ alum.

He specializes in clarifying, contextualizing and condensing diverse aspects of water scarcity -- from groundwater depletion and dam sedimentation to anticipated climate flux impacts and water marketing and demand management -- into a coherent and comprehensive synthesis. He is writing a book about the rising force of these changes in the developing world, called, Heart of Dryness: The End of Water and the Birth of Hydrocracy. And he is looking into the viability of starting a company that focuses exclusively on removal of obsolete dams. Jamie is an honors graduate from Yale and Oxford who began his career as an investigative journalist. He was recruited as a U.S. Cabinet-level conservation speechwriter for Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and there emerged as a top strategist who focused teams at regional, national and -- later, through the landmark World Commission on Dams -- international level of environmental policymaking. A wildlife junkie, he thrives on field-testing and writing clearly about the degree and durability of resource use in the field, under deadline; in his free time he rows racing shells on the fast-evaporating remains of Gaborone Dam.

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