PERC Enviropreneur Institute

The mission of the Enviropreneur Institute is to provide the skills, training, and experiences necessary for environmental entrepreneurs, or "enviropreneurs," to successfully apply property rights, contracts, and markets to enhance environmental assets.

This entrepreneurial accelerator gives enviropreneurs the opportunity:

  • to learn the skills, tools, and entrepreneurial know-how to use property rights and markets to see environmental conflicts as business opportunities;
  • to grow a personal and professional network of collaborators and enviropreneurs; and
  • scale entrepreneurial opportunities that improve the environment using contracts, markets, and business opportunities.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in improving the environment and doing environmental good and doing financially well, PERC’s Enviropreneur Institute was created for you. To learn more, watch the video and read our overview page.

Applications for the 16th annual Institute will open in early 2016.


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