Summer Seminars 2021

Summer seminars

Summer Seminars are scheduled from 3-4 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  Look for updates on the fellows webpage or by email for more information.

  • Arthur Wardle, Tuesday, June 29th, “Estimating the recreational value of the Cassia Crossbill in Idaho”
  • Samantha Maher, Wednesday June 30th, “Improving our understanding of the ecological functions and ecosystem services associated with multi-species ungulate migrations in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem”
  • Julius Bright Ross, Thursday, July 1st, “The assessment of the impacts on lion populations of programs that compensate communities for the presence of lions”
  • Andrew Earle, Tuesday, July 6th, “Examining the determinants of visitation to the National Park System”
  • Teevrat Garg, Wednesday, July 7th, “Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation”
  • Urs Kreuter, Thursday, July 8th, “The Effectiveness of Private Conservation Areas in Southern Africa’s Great Limpopo Park”
  • Alexey Kalinin, Wednesday, July 14th, “Fiscal Impacts of Private Land Conservation”
  • Zach Raff, Thursday, July 15th, “Water Quality Trading”
  • Justin Gallagher, Tuesday, July 20th, “Financial Access and Recovery from Natural Disasters”
  • Temple Stoellinger, Wednesday, July 21st, “Maximizing Species Conservation Efficiently”
  • Christian Dippel, Thursday, July 22nd, “The Unintended Ecological Consequences of the Northwest Forest Plan”
  • Chris Costello, Tuesday, July 27th, “A Global Market for Marine Conservation”
  • Kailin Kroetz, Thursday, July 29th, “Landscape-Scale Migratory Species Corridor Planning Models to Support Voluntary Conservation Program Design”
  • Eric Edwards, Tuesday, August 3rd, “A Statistical Analysis of Forest Service NEPA Decisions.”
  • Jennifer Raynor, Wednesday August 4th, “The Benefits and Costs of Wolves to Private Landowners”
  • Margaret Walls, Thursday August 5th, “The Economics of the National Park System”
  • Daniel Willard, Tuesday August 10th, “Impact of Marine Fisheries Reform on China’s Post-Harvest Sector”
  • Caroline Cecot, Wednesday August 11th, “Agency Analysis of Environmental Policy”