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About the Student Summit

PERC’s summer student summit brings together a select group of undergraduate and graduate students to explore the intricacies of free market environmentalism. The workshop examines the challenges of environmental problems and how to apply property rights and markets to resolve them. We look at the tradeoffs between political and free market approaches evaluating the balance of a good rule of law and market functions. We head out into the field to look at environmental conservation first hand. Hearing from scholars and practitioners, this workshop helps students put ideas into action!



Why Sponsor a Student?

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The PERC student summit educates those future leaders about the value of private conservation and examines the role of public and private choices for improved environmental outcomes. Through a series of lectures, discussions, and field visits, students explore the fundamental characteristics of property rights and markets that help create sustainable solutions for conservation.

By sponsoring a student, you can help them learn about private conservation, the political economy, and the cooperative, innovative solutions markets facilitate.


We would like to thank our supporters of the Student Summit: the Helen I. Graham Charitable Foundation and Randy T. Simmons.