Student Colloquium: A Summer Seminar

Enhancing Environmental Quality through Property Rights and Markets

Co-sponsored with Liberty Fund, Inc.
June 23-28, 2019
Bozeman, Montana

We are looking for the next thought leaders who will create innovative solutions to complex environmental problems.

As a college student, you have immeasurable power to make a difference in preserving our natural resources. News and advertisements often paint a dismal picture of the sustainable future of the environment and our natural resources. Aren’t there laws and policies in place that guarantee the sustainability of wildlife, water, trees, and other resources? If this approach isn’t working, what will?

Co-sponsored with Liberty Fund, Inc., this free student seminar is designed to introduce distinguished university undergraduate and graduate students to a property rights and market approach to environmental issues. An understanding of these approaches will be invaluable to anyone who cares about the environment.

We are looking for students from diverse backgrounds and majors (e.g., natural resources, economics, hard sciences, social sciences, journalism, ethics, sustainability, marketing, business, liberal arts, math, engineering) who are critical thinkers with an interest in creating innovative solutions to complex environmental problems.

PERC will provide a full scholarship to cover tuition, meals, lodging, and a small stipend to help cover travel expenses.The colloquium is limited to 24 students and the application process is competitive.

This colloquium begins with an opening dinner on Sunday evening and concludes with a closing dinner Friday evening. The daily schedule consists of two sessions each morning and two sessions each afternoon. The colloquium is a combination of lectures and Socratic-style discussions of assigned readings of about 300 pages that address specific themes.


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PERC Research Fellow Holly Fretwell directs the Student Colloquium.
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