Lone Mountain Fellowships

PERC’s Research Fellowships offer a unique opportunity for scholars to undertake a project that advances our understanding of the role of markets, public policy, property rights, and governance in affecting environmental resources. Fellows spend at least a portion of their fellowships in residency at PERC in Bozeman, Montana.

The Research Fellowship will provide you with a chance to network with leaders in diverse fields of study related to markets, resource governance, public policy, and the environment. The atmosphere is appealing to careful thinkers who have an ability to communicate research in non-technical ways to diverse audiences. Fellows work in a congenial, stimulating work environment in a locale of natural beauty.

Fellows receive a stipend that varies with the nature of the work, duration of residence at PERC, and the fellow’s qualifications. The timing of stipend payments varies with the circumstances of the fellowship, although in every instance 20 percent of the stipend is withheld until completion of the final project. Office space and office support are provided. Fellows are responsible for their own travel and living arrangements. PERC also provides some commuter bicycles that can be used during residency. 

A sample of the types of projects that a scholar might undertake includes:

  • Completion of a book or other large-scale research project while on sabbatical
  • Initiation or completion of a scholarly paper for a major academic journal
  • PERC policy publication or article

Project Requirements: 

  • Topic: The project should focus on natural resources and environmental issues, including the study of markets, governance, public policy, property rights and/or innovation. PERC is especially interested in projects that address our current initiatives, which can be found here.
  • Residency: Between two weeks and two months, depending on the nature of the project. Fellows visit during the summer.
  • Presentation: Fellows are expected to give at least one seminar while at PERC.
  • Participation: Fellows are expected to interact with other PERC scholars and fellows while in residence and attend seminar presentations by other fellows. The fellowship is intended to be an opportunity to either establish or strengthen a continuing relationship with PERC.
  • Completion: The final project is generally expected by December 31 of the year in which the fellowship is undertaken.


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