Julian Simon Fellowship

The Julian Simon Fellowship is one of the nation’s most prestigious opportunities for scholars to develop policy-relevant research on natural resources and environmental conservation. The in-residence fellowship is intended to continue the legacy of the late Julian Simon, whose research led to a massive re-evaluation by scholars and policymakers of their views on the interplay between population, natural resources, the environment, and humans as “the ultimate resource.”

The ideal candidate for this fellowship is someone like Julian Simon: an esteemed scholar with a focus on policy-relevant empirical work and an imaginative research agenda or project that emphasizes natural resources, environmental issues, and human ingenuity. In the vein of Julian Simon, candidates should have a talent for communicating the important policy implications of their work to the public, thereby further extending the impact of the research.

The Julian Simon Fellowship will provide you with a chance to network with leaders in diverse fields of study related to free market environmentalism. The congenial atmosphere is appealing to those who are careful thinkers, have an ability to communicate with non-technical audiences, and have a strong passion for conservation. PERC provides a stimulating work environment in a locale of unparalleled natural beauty.

Julian Simon Fellows will receive an honorarium plus office space, office support, and a stimulating work environment. Fellows will be responsible for their accommodations in Bozeman.

Project Requirements:

  • Topic: Each Julian Simon Fellow is expected to spend their residency developing a paper of publishable quality that has significant policy implications. The project must focus on natural resources and environmental issues, including the study of property rights and/or innovation. PERC is especially interested in projects that address our five year vision.
  • Residency: Fellows are in residence during the summer months for an appropriate length of stay, depending on the nature of the project. 
  • Presentation: Fellows are expected to give at least one seminar on their work while at PERC.
  • Participation: Fellows are expected to interact with other PERC scholars and fellows while in residence and attend seminar presentations by other fellows throughout their stay. The fellowship is intended as an opportunity to either establish or strengthen a continuing relationship with PERC.
  • Completion: The final project is generally expected by December 31 of the year in which the fellowship is undertaken. The final stipend payment is withheld until the project is received. 

How to Apply: 

Applications are currently closed.

What Fellows Are Saying:

“Spending time at PERC was very helpful for my own research. I really enjoyed the other seminars and the format generated a lot of useful discussion. The overall environment at PERC was really invigorating and I enjoyed the mix of senior fellows, students, visitors, and PERC staff.”
—Christopher Costello, University of California, Santa Barbara

“I arrived at PERC with a kernel of an idea that has blossomed into a full-blown research agenda. Needless to say, my stay at PERC was invaluable in advancing my research objectives.”
—Prashant Bharadwaj, University of California, San Diego

“The PERC summer fellowship program was a fantastic experience. A perfect combination of serious research, intellectual stimulation, great camaraderie, and relaxed social activities. I was able to push forward two research papers, getting great feedback on both of them. Really loved connecting with new colleagues and grad student rising stars.”
—Margaret Walls, Resources for the Future

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