PERC Calendar of Events

PERC hosts and participates in numerous events to encourage discussion and understanding of key issues surrounding free market environmentalism. These events provide an opportunity for distinguished scholars, policy experts, and others—from across the country and often from around the globe—to speak about how property rights and markets can work to create environmental quality. 

Most of PERC's events are research workshops held in PERC's conference room and space is limited. For details, please call PERC at 406.587.9591 or email [email protected]


January 13-14
United Property Owners of Montana Property Rights Conference
Keynote Speaker: Terry Anderson
Helena, MT


February 22: Terry Anderson will deliver the inaugural Ostrom Lecture on Environmental Policy, part of the Program on Governance of Natural Resources, at Indiana University Bloomington.



Friday, November 18: Reed Watson on STOSSEL, Fox Business at 9PM ET.

November 4-6
Free Market Environmentalism in the Urban Environment

Searle Research Workshop in Atlanta, GA
Director: PERC Senior Fellow Spencer Banzhaf, Georgia State

  • Jan Bruckner (UC-Irvine), "Optimal Energy Taxation in Cities"
  • Jonathan Hall (U Toronto), "Pareto Improvements From Lexus Lanes:  The Effects of Pricing a Portion of the Lanes on Congested Highways"
  • Kyle Mangum (Georgia State), "Capitalization as a Two-Part Tariff:  The Role of Zoning"
  • Doug Noonan (IUPUI), "Heading for the Hills?  Insurance, Information, and Incentives for Adapting to Flood Risks"
  • Werner Troesken (U. of Pittsburgh), "Yellow Fever and the History of American Urban Development"
  • Matt Turner (Brown), "Urban form and driving:  Evidence from US cities"
  • Randall Walsh (U. of Pittsburgh), "Zoning and the Economic Geography of Cities"

Friday, November 4: Terry Anderson on STOSSEL at 9PM ET on Fox Business.

November 3
"What's So Immoral About a Free Market?"
Lecture by P.J. Hill
6:00 - 8:00 pm
125 Linfield Hall
Montana State University

October 3-5: PERC was well represented at the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee by Kristen ByrneRupert MunroWendy Purnell, and Reed Watson.

October 8: Wendy Purnell spoke at the Students for Liberty regional conference at Utah Valley University in Salt Lake City.

October 10-12: PERC was well represented at SXSW Eco in Austin, Texas. Look for Kristen ByrneBrett Howell, and Wendy Purnell.

Friday, September 9: Enviropreneur Art Walk Event 
Featuring: Dave Wager of Tree Ring Co.
The Last Wind-Up at 11 East Main Street in Bozeman
6-8 p.m.

September 1: Lone Mountain Fellow Chris Costello of the University of California, Santa Barbara presented his paper on "Climate-Proof Institutions for Natural Resource Management"

August 31: Lone Mountain Fellow Klaus Desmet of Southern Methodist University presented his paper on "The Spatial Economic Impact of Global Warming"

August 30: Lone Mountain Fellow Esteban Rossi-Hansberg of Princeton University presented his paper on "A Dynamic Economic Evaluation of Flooding Scenarios"

August 22 - 24: Property Rights, Markets, and Freedom. A colloquium for professors directed by Holly Fretwell.

August 19: Lone Mountain Fellow Tim Fitzgerald presented his paper "Regulatory Capture in Resource Booms."

August 18: Graduate Fellow workshop on risk management in agriculture.

August 17: Graduate Fellow workshop on wildlife conservation.

August 16: Graduate Fellow workshop on property rights regimes in fisheries.

August 15: Lone Mountain Fellows Rob Fleck of Clemson University presented his paper, "Why Allocate Property Rights Randomly: A Model with Application to U.S. Game Laws"

August 12: Lone Mountain Fellow Nick Parker of the University of Wisconsin, Madison presented his paper on "Decentralized Environmental Regulation and Interjurisdictional Spillovers: Lessons from the Fracking Boom"

August 11: Lone Mountain Fellow Prashant Bharadwaj of the University of California, San Diego presented his paper on "Health and Migration Effects of Extreme Pollution Events"

August 10: Julian Simon Fellow Bart Wilson of Chapman University presented his paper on "The Meaning of Property"

August 9: Lone Mountain Fellow Akshaya Jha of Carnegie Mellon University presented his paper on "The Environmental Consequences of Economic Regulation: Coal Procurement at U.S. Power Plants" 

August 8: Julian Simon Fellow Max Auffhammer of the University of California, Berkley presented his paper on "Water, Electricity and Natural Gas in California"

August 4: Lone Mountain Fellow Frank Wolak of Stanford University presented a paper.

August 3: Lone Mountain Fellow Karen Clay of Carnegie Mellon University presented a paper on "External Economics of Shipping Energy Fuels"

August 2: Lone Mountain Fellow Thomas Stratmann of George Mason University presented on "The Tragedy of the Anticommons and Timber Auctions in Western States" 

August 1: Graduate Fellow workshop on agricultural policy and conservation.

JULY 2016
July 28-30: Research Workshop directed by Lynne Kiesling: Energy Resources, Regulation, and Risk. 

Karen Clay, Carnegie Mellon University and NBER
Toby Considine, The Energy Mashup Lab
Timothy Fitzgerald, Texas Tech University
Akshaya Jha, Carnegie Mellon University
Lynne Kiesling, Northwestern University
Andrew Morriss, Texas A&M University School of Law
Todd Myers, Washington Policy Center
Frank Wolak, Stanford University
James Workman, AquaShares Inc.

July 27: Julian Simon Fellow Sheila Olmstead of the University of Texas presented her paper on "Dams: Drought If You Do, Drought If You Don't"

July 26: Lone Mountain Fellow Jamie Mullins of the University of Massachusetts presented his paper on "Adaption and Acclimatization: Health and Performance Outcomes in a Changing Environment"

July 22: Public Event
Wildfire Solutions Summit at the Baxter Hotel, Bozeman, Montana

July 22: Public Event
Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation, a half-day seminar at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado. Hosted by the Woodford Foundation for Limited Government.

July 21: Lone Mountain Fellow Christy Zhou of Clemson University will present her paper on fuel efficiency and automobile markets.

July 21: Public Event 
Wildfire Art Installation & Reception at The Foundry, Bozeman, Montana

July 20: Julian Simon Fellow Matt Kahn of the University of California-Los Angeles will present his paper on "Climate-Proof Institutions for Natural Resource Management"

July 16: Wendy Purnell represented PERC at the Outdoor Writers Assocation of America annual conference.
NEWSMAKER Challenge: Transfer of Public Lands
Moderator: Mike Zlotnicki
Four major federal land management agencies oversee more than 605 million acres of public property which includes parks, forests, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas. The vast majority of these lands are in Western states, where a push is on to force federal transfer of millions of acres to state governments. Can states do a better job as environmental stewards and managers of natural resources? What would be the potential economic benefits – or losses – if a transfer were to happen?
Panelists:  Katie McKalip, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers; Dan Smitherman, The Wilderness Society; Aaron Weiss, Center for Western Priorities; Kerry White, Citizens for Balanced Use; Wendy Purnell, PERC

July 14: Lone Mountain Fellow Nick Sanders of Cornell University will present his paper on "Delayed Adjustment to Environmental Changes: Evidence from the Acid Rain Program"

July 13: Lone Mountain Fellow Donald Kochan of Chapman University will present his paper on "The Law and Economics of Pride and Property"

July 5: Graduate Fellow workshop on agricultural policy and conservation.

June 29: Graduate Fellow workshop on property rights regimes in fisheries. 

June 28: Graduate Fellow workshop on risk management in agriculture.

June 24: "An 'Uber for Electricity': Institutional Theory For a Platform Model In an Historically Regulated Industry," a brown bag discussion with Lynne Kiesling of Northwestern University.

June 23: Graduate Fellow workshop on wildlife conservation.

June 22: “Bringing Environmental Policy into the iPhone Age," a brownbag discussion with Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center.

June 22: Julian Simon Fellow Christopher Timmins of Duke University presented his paper on "Property Rights and the Extraction of Shale Gas"

June 21-26: PERC's Student Colloquium on Property Rights, Markets and Freedom. Annual event in Bozeman, MT.

June 9 - 11 in Lichtenstein: Semantic Traps: Politics with Loaded Terms; a seminar for scholars, journalists, and entrepreneurs.

May 19-21: Research workshop: Innovations in Public Land Management: Economics, Law, and Policy.

May 10: Last(?) snow of the season!

May 4 at University of Montana: Holly Fretwell joined a "Panel Discussion on Proposals to Transfer Federal Lands to the States."

April 28-May 1 in Tuscon, AZ: Water and the Evolution of Ownership and Freedom of Property, a colloquium for environmental scholars. An invitation-only event.

April 7-9 in Waterville, ME: PERC's William A. Dunn Distinguished Senior Fellow, Terry Anderson, spoke at Community, Culture, and Conservation: Sustaining Landscapes and Livelihoods, a conference at Colby College.

April 3-5 in Las Vegas, NV: Stop by our table at APEE. Attend Shawn Regan's presentation of "Environmentalism without Romance."

April 1-2 in Las Vegas, NV: Environmental Entrepreneurship, a policy conference for environmental scholars. Conference partners are Strata and the Institute for Humane Studies.

March 13-15 in Ardmore, OK: Hayek, Coase, and Ecosystem Services, a colloquium for environmental practitioners. An invitation-only event at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.

February 19: Terry Anderson addressed the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights for a briefing related to "Quiet Crisis: Federal Funding and Unmet Needs In Indian Country."

February 13-16 in Tuscon, AZ: Liberty and the Progress of the Human Condition, a colloquium for enviropreneurs.

February 5-6 in Easton, MA: PERC research fellow Holly Fretwell spoke at the Institute for Humane Studies Exploring Liberty conference at Stonehill College

Thursday, February 4 in Hartford, CT: PERC's William A. Dunn Distinguished Senior Fellow, Terry Anderson, presented a tribute to Douglas North and delivered a lecture on Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation at Trinity College.

Thursday, February 4 in Denver, CO: PERC Alumni Gathering at Prost Brewing from 5:30 - 7:30pm. All PERC alumni and friends of PERC welcome. 

December 4-5: Environmental Policy in the Anthropocene, a research workshop.

November 19: Director of Outreach, Wendy Purnell spoke at Florida Gulf Coast University.

November 17: At the University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand, Distinguished Senior Fellow Terry Anderson presented at the Condliffe Memorial Lecture, hosted by the Department of Economics and Finance.

November 10: Terry Anderson spoke at Michigan State University on Unlocking the Wealth of Native Nations: Lessons from the Past for the Future

November 7: PERC Research Fellow Holly Fretwell spoke at the Students for Liberty 2015 Denver Regional Conference.

November 3: Bozmean's first snow of the season.

October 24: As part of The Fund for American Studies 2015 Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs, Terry Anderson received the Gary Walton Prize for Excellence in Teaching Economics.

October 14-16 at Delaware Valley University: Land & the American Dream, a sustainability forum. Featuring Holly Fretwell. 

October 5-7: PERC at SXSW Eco in Austin, Texas. 

September 24: At the Black Mountain Institute at UNLV, Terry Anderson spoke at This Land Is Your Land... Or Is It? Public Land Use and Profit in the American West.

September 11: Julian Simon Fellow Dean Lueck of the University of Arizona presented his paper "The Evolution and Organization of Environmental Agencies: From Game Laws to Hierarchical Wildlife Bureaus."

September 4: PERC Senior Fellow Terry Anderson and PERC alum Zack Donohew discussed wildlife and water markets on Stossel.

August 19: Lone Mountain Fellow Matthew Turner of Brown University presents his paper "Urban Form and Driving: Evidence from U.S. Cities." 

August 18: Lone Mountain Fellow Prashant Bharadwaj of the UC San Diego presents his paper "Dust Exposure & Infant Mortality in West Africa: Lessons for Climate Adaptation."

August 14: Lone Mountain Fellow Karen Clay of Carnegie Mellon University presents her paper "Electricity Generation and Air Pollution in an Unregulated Environment: The United States, 1938 - 1963."

August 13: Lone Mountain Fellow Kyle Meng of the UC Santa Barbara presents his paper "Path Dependence in U.S. Coal-fired Electricity Production."

August 12: Lone Mountain Fellow Corbett Grainger of the University of Wisconsin, Madison presents his paper "Property Rights, Regulatory Capture, and Natural Resource Exploitation."

August 10: Graduate workshop on designing management scale for marine ecosystems.

August 10: Impact Fellows Presentation Day

  • Javier Angulo - The Unexpected Consequences of Net Metering: the Case of Solar Power in Arizona
  • Kyle Eagar - Water Quality Trading: Opportunities & Challenges
  • Alison Grant - Eight Great Myths of California's Water Crisis
  • Michelangelo Landgrave - Market Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Will McShane - Rhino Policy: Incentives, Ethics, and Psychology
  • Greyson Ruback - The Politics of Carbon Pricing

August 7: Graduate workshop on dredging waterways and managing environmental risk in the Great Lakes.

August 5-7: PERC research workshop on Market Adaptation to Climate Change hosted by the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University.

August 4: Julian Simon Fellow Robert Hahn of Oxford presents his paper "Does the Social Cost of Carbon Matter? Evidence from US Policy."

August 3: Lone Mountain Fellow Joe Aldy of Harvard's Kennedy School presents his paper "Information Provision and Countervailing Risks: The Case of UV-Index and Ozone Pollution Forecasts."

July 31: Lone Mountain Fellow Bart Wilson of the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University presented his paper "Language & Cooperation in Hominid Scavenging."

July 30: Frank Wolak, Director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford University, presented his paper "Water Pricing to Manage Revenue and Sales Risk."

July 29: Lone Mountain Fellow Sarah Anderson of the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UCSB presented her paper "Salience of Wildfire Risk and the Management of Public Lands."

July 27: Guest Lecture "Hunters as Conservationists" featuring Shane Mahoney, President and CEO of Conservation Visions Inc. 

July 26-28: PERC research workshop on Wildlife Conservation, Trade, and Property Rights.

July 23: Lone Mountain Fellow Alexander Kasterine of the International Trade Center, a joint agency of the United Natons and Word Trade Organization, presented his paper "The Illegal Trade in Wildlife: A New Alliance of Baptists & Bootleggers."

July 22: Julian Simon Fellow Sheila Olmstead of the University of Texas - Austin presented her paper "Fracking & Agriculture: The Importance of Property Rights."

July 16: Graduate Fellow workshop on greenway infrastructure.

July 15: PERC Senior Research Fellow Spencer Banzhaf of Georgia State University presented his paper "The Local Provision of Public Goods."

July 15: Bozeman Green Drinks on the patio at PERC

July 8: Seigi Karasaki of the Breakthrough Institute presented his paper "Water Quality and Conservation in the Catskills Watershed: Ecosystem Services or Passive Protection?"

July 7-12: PERC's Enviropreneur Institute. Learn more about the 2015 Enviropreneur Fellows and their projects here.

July 6: Graduate Fellow paper on forest fragmentation in western Oregon.

July 3: PERC Research Fellow Holly Fretwell was featured on John Stossel's "Green Tyranny" special on the Fox Business Network at 8pm Eastern.

July 2: Graduate Fellow paper on infrastructure adaptation for managing environmental risk in the Great Lakes.

July 1: Lone Mountain Fellow Jeff Bennett of Australian National University presented his paper "Managing the Australian Outback."

June 30: Graduate Fellow paper on fishery management policy in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

June 29: Guest speaker and former Lone Mountain Fellow Sergey Mityakov of Clemson University presented his paper "International Polictics and Fuel Export Diversification."

June 26: Bob Nelson of University of Maryland discussed his newest paper, PERC Policy Serices No. 53, "Charter Forests: A New Management Approach for National Forests."

June 25: Dwight Newman of the University of Saskatchewan presented his research on Indigenous property rights in the Tsilhqot’in Nation. 

June 24: Lone Mountain Fellow Margarita Portnykh of UC Santa Barbara presented her paper "Migration as an Adaptation to Climate Change."

June 18: Graduate Fellow paper on the impact of greenway infrastructure in North Carolina.

June 17: Lone Mountain Fellow Ron Bailey of Reason presented his book project "The End of Doom: Environmental Renewal in the 21st Century."

June 16: Lone Mountain Fellow Erez Yoeli of Harvard University presented his paper "How to Effectively Communicate the Benefits of Trade in Wildlife: Theory and Practice." 

June 15-22: PERC's Student Colloquium

June 15: Lone Mountain Fellow Nick Parker of University of Wisconsin–Madison presented his paper "From Plows to Horizontal Fracking: Anti-commons and Unintended Consequences of Land Privatization."

June 14: PERC's Holly Fretwell appeared on Green Tyranny with John Stossel on the Fox Business News Network at 9pm ET.

June 12-13: Lone Mountain Forum on The Frontiers of Free Market Environmentalism

Frontiers in Economics: H. Spencer Banzhaf, Georgia State University
Can FME be applied in more contexts? Should PERC conduct more field experiments and bring evidence-based tools into the development of green markets?

Frontiers in Law: Nathan Richardson, University of South Carolina
Can FME ideas overcome political challenges to implementing policy change?

Frontiers in Political Science: Mark Pennington, King’s College of London
Have advocates of FME failed to acknowledge the important role of the state in securing contractual freedom? What is the relationship between top-down and bottom-up governance in FME?

Frontiers in Environmental Science: Ronald Bailey, Reason Magazine
How can we handle the problems of overexploitation in open access commons? Will entrepreneurial innovation in science and technology continue to help us tackle environmental problems?

Frontiers in Trust: Jamie Workman, Environmental Defense Fund
How do meaningful property rights emerge in the context of community based natural resource management vs. FME? Does the successful governance of a common-pool resource hinge on group trust?

June 12: Bruce Lippke of CORRIM and Holly Fretwell of PERC presented their paper "If we have carbon negative technologies why aren’t we using them?"

June 11: Lone Mountain Fellow Mark Pennington of King's College London presented his book project "Realistic Idealism and the Ethics of Market Environmentalism."

June 10: Lone Mountain Fellow Steven Puller of Texas A&M presented his paper "Cash for Corollas: When Stimulus Reduces Spending." 

June 4: Lone Mountain Fellow Bob Deacon of UC Santa Barbara presented his paper "Protecting Marine Ecosystems: Prescriptive Regulation versus Market Incentives."