Praise for PERC

From Scholars

“PERC is a story of the triumph of education. Since its founding, PERC has moved from being a voice in the wilderness to holding a prominent place on the environmental policy stage.”
— Kathy Ratte, Foundation for Teaching Economics

”PERC’s defense of free markets has a quality that is distinctive. PERC finds ways pragmatically to incorporate market mechanisms in limited arenas rather than simply perfecting general theory. Since politics these days is all about crushing one’s opponent, I appreciate PERC for finding ways to compromise… The articles in the issue on national parks were perfect examples of that approach — in this case a balance between commons and markets on government-owned lands.”
— Clifford W. Cobb, Editor, American Journal of Economics and Sociology

“When it comes to understanding the institutions and incentives for the environment, nothing rivals this program at PERC.”
— Tom Stratmann, George Mason University

“The three PERC conferences I have been privileged to attend would put most universities to shame, both for freedom of expression and intellectual rigor.”
— Al Runte, author and national parks historian

“PERC inspired me to see the world differently.”
— Matt Ridley

From Conservationists and Enviropreneurs

“PERC opened my eyes to new ideas and innovations for solving environmental problems.”
— Kameran Onley, The Nature Conservancy

“There is a wonderful organization based in Bozeman, Montana called PERC… Their approach to stewardship of our natural resrouces has resulted in many interesting and creative ideas and concepts.”
— Chuck Leavell, 1999 National Outstanding Tree Farmer

“The Enviropreneur Institute allows you to step away from your daily life with a diverse group of talented entrepreneurs who will energize you. Expect to leave the Institute with the clarity and resources you need to take your entrepreneurial vision to the next step.”
— Joe Azzarelli, M.I.T.

From Journalists

“PERC advocates free market solutions for environmental problems, finding solutions where others find only frustration.”
— Utne Reader

“PERC is the go-to place for free market environmentalism.”
— John Stossel

“It isn’t often that a group of people get to claim that they have changed the world of thinking and of reality and PERC has done that.”
— Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

From Nobel Laureates

“When I first came across PERC it was a small but very well informed group of academic economists. Their major problem was delivering the message that people were ignoring the tremendous role that markets could serve in providing incentives for environmental protection. Their ideas were exceptionally sound, but getting people to understand and implement their message was a daunting challenge. PERC is now an influential organization that communicates both dedication to environmental quality and the ways to achieve it through property rights and trade.”
— Vernon Smith

“Free market environmentalism is the best way to deal with these problems and [PERC is] doing the yeoman’s work in this area.”
— Milton Friedman

From Policy Makers

“PERC is my favorite environmental group ever. Terry Anderson changed my life.”
— Lance Christensen, Chief of Staff for California Senator John Moorlach

“I continue to be impressed with PERC’s contribution to our public dialogue on environmental and natural resources policy, and I look forward to working with you and your colleagues in the days ahead.”
— G. Tracy Mehan III, Former Administrator for Water, Environmental Protection Agency

“While many public agencies and private institutions fund research on protecting and enhancing environmental quality, there are very few that support significant research by social scientists and others who study the role of institutions and incentives. PERC fills a yawning gap in this area.”
— Sheila Olmstead, Senior Economist, White House Council of Economic Advisers

From Students

“PERC’s student colloquium will challenge the way you think about the environment, leaving you with better tools to analyze different approaches to environmental management.”
— Devin, Utah State University

“I always saw environmentalism as something that hurt business. I now understand that free market environmentalism brings business and the environment together, and each one is better off because of the other.”
— Marene, University of Washington

From Others

PERC’s “sharp focus on problem solving and marketing ideas while educating the next generation has been really quite extraordinary and very effective.”
— John Blundell, Institute of Economic Affairs

“In a policy world filled with hubris and self-righteousness, [PERC’s founders] brought honest humility… Once again, they’re pushing into new territory, and environmental policy and liberty will be better for it.”
— Chip Mellor, co-founder and chairman, Institute for Justice

“As we move into the next century, the environmental movement will have to rely more and more on PERC-type solutions if we wish to conserve our precious natural resources.”
— Leigh Perkins, Orvis

“PERC rocks!”
— Chuck Leavell, Allman Brothers & The Rolling Stones