Volume 36, No.2, Winter 2017

From the Editor

Shawn Regan
What if federal regulations designed to protect endangered species actually hindered state-led efforts to enhance their recovery?


Reed Watson
In a word, PERC is special.

On the Lookout

Tiffany Dowell Lashmet
An update on the ongoing quest to define the “waters of the United States."


Catherine E. Semcer
How DNA indexing and blockchain technologies could help conserve rhinos.

Featured Articles

G. Pascal Zachary
While formal land rights are on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa, customary rights cannot be ignored.
Shawn Regan
As wildfires get bigger and more costly, federal policies aren’t helping.
Jonathan Wood
The federal government should embrace state experimentation to protect the Utah prairie dog and other endangered species.
Tate Watkins
It’s time for outdoor recreationists to put their money where their footprints are.
Shawn Regan
A decade after colony collapse disorder began, pollination entrepreneurs have staved off the beepocalypse.


Daniel Benjamin
The benefits of fracking may be even greater than we thought.