Volume 35, No.2, Winter 2016

From the Editor

Shawn Regan
This special issue of PERC Reports explores how markets can help us adapt to climate change now and in the future.


Reed Watson
The environmental case for economic growth.


Paul Schwennesen
An innovative water contract pays farmers to conserve.

Featured Articles

Alan L. Olmstead, Paul W. Rhode
The historical record offers considerable insight into the adaptability of agriculture to climatic challenges.
James G. Workman
Informal tenure and rights-based fishing in nearshore waters offer a more positive outcome to the no-longer-tragic “commons” of the ocean.
Tate Watkins
What Haiti reveals about the adaptation challenges that face the global coffee sector.
Matthew Kahn
How free markets and urban growth facilitate climate change adaptation.
Ben Foster
Why financial adaptations could be just as important as physical adaptations to climate change.


Daniel Benjamin
The EPA's past efforts to limit ozone emissions backfired. Will its new regulations actually work this time?


Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Klaus Desmet
How free trade and free migration can help us adapt to climate change.