Volume 25, No.4, Winter 2007

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By Carolyn Nistler A jungle story
By James Lucas
Joe Sehee
Can one last act really mean something?


Linda Platts
Compiled by Linda Platts
Linda Platts
Compiled by Linda Platts If you have ever purchased an item at Target or Wal-Mart, taken it home, and then literally wrestled it to the floor trying to free it from its packaging, then this bit of news is for you.
Linda Platts
A five-story building in southern Athens is being hailed as possibly the most energy-efficient building in the world. Considering the public’s growing interest in green building, this structure could provide valuable lessons.
Linda Platts
Compiled by Linda Platts
PERC Reports offers optimism and encouragement to climate change doomsayers. PERC advocates free market solutions for environmental problems, finding solutions where others find only frustration.
Compiled by Timothy M. Cranston  


Terry Anderson
By Terry L. Anderson
Daniel Benjamin
ECONOMIST, n. a scoundrel whose faulty vision sees things as they really are, not as they ought to be.—after Ambrose Bierce By Daniel K. Benjamin