Volume 24, No.3, Fall 2006

Featured Articles

Brian Yablonski
Quail hunting by wealthy landowners has had remarkable environmental benefits in northern Florida.
China and India are moving in opposite directions in their efforts to keep the wild tiger from disappearing.
If you can't dam, divert, or drill, it's time to consider allocating water through markets.
Andrew Morriss
By Andrew Morriss The first chapter of the Cayman Turtle Farm story did not end happily. But a new phase in this fabled effort to protect wild sea turtles has begun.


Different Constraints The various articles in your special issue (“American Indians and Property Rights,” June 2006) together illustrate a series of fundamentally important points.
Linda Platts
If you have ever been out for a stroll in your flip-flops and stubbed a toe on a cracked sidewalk that resembles a mogul run, you will appreciate the dream that Richard Valeriano had one night.


Terry Anderson
The backlash from the Supreme Court's Kelo decision could relax land-use regulation around the country. And well it should.
Daniel Benjamin
Urban sprawl did not increase as fast as expected between 1976 and 1992 -- in fact, it did not increase at all.