Volume 23, No.1, Spring 2005

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Jane Shaw
 By Ashley Fingarson and Jane S. Shaw
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Tim Fitzgerald
By Timothy Fitzgerald
Jane Shaw, Bruce Yandle
By Jane S. Shaw and Bruce Yandle With his 2006 budget, President Bush appears to be championing fiscal responsibility. For environmental policy, this change offers hope for new directions.
Randy Simmons
By Randy T. Simmons


Linda Platts
Green building has come in for some hard knocks in recent years as some high-profile projects have proved to be both inefficient and costly.
A proponent of wind power takes on Thomas Tanton's article from December, and Tanton replies.
Linda Platts
In laboratories around the country, scientists are working to alter the genetic working of trees in order to increase their ability to store carbon, absorb toxins, and resist disease.
Linda Platts
A new technology could make use of excess heat and at the same time produce millions of gallons of fresh water from power plants. The novel idea originated with two professors at the University of Florida, James Klausner and Renwei Mei.
Linda Platts
In many instances, litigation has been the tool of choice for environmentalists seeking to halt everything from logging to subdivisions. But times are changing and more battles are moving from public to private lands.


Daniel Benjamin
By Daniel K. Benjamin