Volume 21, No.3, Fall 2003

Featured Articles

J. Bishop Grewell
Certification informs consumers about forest management.
Sam Nugent
Regenerating coastal mangrove forests depends on recognizing the property rights of local people.
Wisconsin leads the way in deconstructing dams that obstruct its many rivers.
Daniel Benjamin
Eight great myths about waste disposal still abound. This article refutes them.


Linda Platts
In California, conservation easements are saving more than astonishing landscapes; they are saving livelihoods. The California Rangeland Trust is preserving working cattle ranches.
Linda Platts
A disaster for some is an opportunity for others. When noxious weeds invade Montana pastures and hillsides, two enterprising Missoula teenagers reap the benefits.
Linda Platts
The world's largest fish has found a safe haven in the waters surrounding a tiny Caribbean island.


Daniel Benjamin
High demand for wood products can foster the resurgence of forests.