Volume 21, No.1, Spring 2003

Featured Articles

Bruce Yandle
PERC issues a "Mid-Term Report Card" on George W. Bush's environmental policy The grade is low.
A former owner of a small business, shares his grim experience with the tentacles of the Superfund law and its ever expanding liability.
The director of the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) in Nairobi discusses the problems with government control of wildlife in Kenya
Andrew Morriss
A professor at Case Western Law School writes about the perverse results of the Cleveland airport's "mitigation" of the loss of a wetland. To build a new runway, the airport must pay to "create" wetlands by damaging a beautiful and serene park sixteen miles away.


Linda Platts
At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, nearly half a million worms a
Linda Platts
Small family-run farms are facing tough economic times.
Linda Platts
The pop cans, plastic cups, cellophane wrappers, and other debris that


Daniel Benjamin
A major study of the Clean Air Act confirms that -- as businesses often claim -- the costs are high.