Volume 21, No.1, Spring 2003

Featured Articles

The director of the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) in Nairobi discusses the problems with government control of wildlife in Kenya
Andrew Morriss
A professor at Case Western Law School writes about the perverse results of the Cleveland airport's "mitigation" of the loss of a wetland. To build a new runway, the airport must pay to "create" wetlands by damaging a beautiful and serene park sixteen miles away.
Bruce Yandle
PERC issues a "Mid-Term Report Card" on George W. Bush's environmental policy The grade is low.
A former owner of a small business, shares his grim experience with the tentacles of the Superfund law and its ever expanding liability.


Linda Platts
At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, nearly half a million worms
Linda Platts
Small family-run farms are facing tough economic times.
Linda Platts
The pop cans, plastic cups, cellophane wrappers, and other debris that


Daniel Benjamin
A major study of the Clean Air Act confirms that -- as businesses often claim -- the costs are high.