Volume 17, No.2, Summer 1999

Featured Articles

Preserving BeachesJames R. Rinehart and Jeffrey J. Pompe
Carol LaGrasse
Environmental regulations, not opposition to environmental protection, were the genesis of the private property rights movement.
Cuyahoga RevisitedBy Stacie Thomas


Linda Platts
When you drive into Hoffman's near Albany, New York, for an oil change and a car wash, you're doing a favor for your
Linda Platts
The Florida Wetlandsbank is transforming a weed-choked, garbage-strewn tract near Pembroke Pines into a pristine wetland, creating a product in high demand by local developers.
Linda Platts
Many Americans are working to preserve open space in their communities, and their tactics are as varied as their towns.
Linda Platts
The reclaimed wood industry which began in the Northeast is now taking hold in the Northwest. As sources of old-growth timber dwindle and environmental awareness grows, old wood is much in demand.


Daniel Benjamin
By Daniel K. Benjamin Late 19th-century storm warnings from the U.S. Weather Service yielded substantial, positive net returns to society.