KayCee Pulasky

Director of Finance, Staff

KayCee Pulasky graduated from Montana State University in 2006 with a degree in finance. She has worked in the accounting departments of various industries, including log homes, road construction, and renewable energy. 

KayCee is a born and raised Montana girl, growing up just south of Missoula. As soon as she moved to Bozeman in 2001 for college, she realized it was home. KayCee, her husband, Adam Pulasky, and their two daughters, Maizy and Breckyn, live in Belgrade on a small neighborhood farm, raising a garden, dogs, cats, horses, and a sweet little kids’ pony. Weekends for KayCee are consumed by family time, cowboy polo, and camping. She also tries to do good in the canine world by running a small rescue and re-homing shelter dogs in danger.

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