Julian Simon Fellowship

The Julian Simon Fellowship is one of the nation's most prestigious opportunities for scholars to develop policy-oriented research on natural resource and environmental conservation. The in-residence fellowship is intended to continue the legacy of the late Julian Simon, whose research led to a massive re-evaluation by scholars and policy makers of their views on the interplay between population, natural resources, and the environment.

The ideal candidate for this fellowship is someone like Julian; an excellent scholar with a focus on empirical work and an imaginative research agenda that emphasizes natural resource and environmental issues.

Each Julian Simon Fellow is expected to spend at least two months in residence at PERC developing a paper of publishable quality, one that has significant policy implications. During their stay at PERC, Julian Simon Fellows are expected to present a seminar on their work.

Julian Simon Fellows will receive an honorarium plus office space, office support, and a congenial, stimulating work environment. Fellows will be responsible for their accommodations in Bozeman, but PERC is happy to assist with arrangements.

I found my time at PERC as a Julian Simon Fellow valuable in three regards. First, I am the lone environmental economist in a large economics department so it is easy for me to lose track of what other environmental economists are interested in. It is helpful for me to spend time around other people interested in environmental problems. Second, time in an office away from graduate students and administration is valuable: I was very productive during my time at PERC. Third, PERC provides a soapbox from which to talk to a conservative audience about sensible policy (e.g., John Batchelor Radio Show, PERC Reports). This is a difficult audience for liberal academics to reach and I am hopeful that by doing so, I can influence the environmental policy debate. - Matt Turner 2012

PERC Senior Fellow Wally Thurman directs the Julian Simon Fellowship program.