Soaring High

New Strategies for Environmental Giving

By Thomas J. Bray

While much progress has been made in cleaning up the air, water, and soil, much remains to be done, as the funders who contribute billions of dollars a year to the environmental movement recognize. And yet the chief conservation strategies of recent decades are producing diminishing returns. Donors are seeking fresh approaches to conservation that could prove more effective, efficient, and long lasting.

Much new thinking about the environment has begun to appear, and much experimentation is occurring at the grassroots level. Because it is a classic role for philanthropy to help test and implement such pathbreaking ideas, this book offers a number of examples that illustrate how some philanthropists, large and small, are finding ways to help translate the new ideas into action.

This new guide is not meant to be comprehensive, only suggestive. It profiles a number of hardy philanthropists who have been willing to take risks by nurturing outside-the-box approaches. We hope it will help you hone your own thinking about environmental giving.

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2005, 87 pp.
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Thomas J. Bray ([email protected]) is a columnist for the Detroit News who writes frequently on environmental issues.
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