Global Warming

Critical Thinking About Environmental Issues


By Jane S. Shaw

Greenhaven Press has launched a new series of books for young people called "Critical Thinking about Environmental Issues." Unlike many environmental books found in schools today, this series offers objective and balanced discussions of controversial issues. PERC Senior Associate Jane S. Shaw is the editor for the series as well as the author of this book.

Each book squarely addresses the controversies surrounding its topic. In Global Warming, Shaw examines the issue of whether the earth is warming, and, if so, whether human activity is a cause. She discusses how scientists study these questions and explores the possible outcomes of government efforts to try to control global warming.


Greenhaven Press
Farmington Hills, Michigan
2002, 112 pp.
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Before joining PERC, Jane Shaw was a journalist who had developed an uneasy feeling that much of the commentary about environmental policy that she read--and even some that she wrote--was tilted in the wrong direction. The usual solution to an environmental problem was to turn it over to the government. She had become uncomfortable with this...
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