Alien Priorities

Environmental Ethics

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alien Priorities

"Conflict in priorities often is not only an environmental conflict. Often, it is an economic conflict, too -- rooted in differing economic circumstances."

David Schmidtz, PERC's 2013 Julian Simon Fellow, teaches philosophy and economics at the University of Arizona. He has studied resource management in parts of Africa where subsistence farmers struggle to co-exist with the wildlife who destroy their crops. Much of his work in environmental ethics focuses on conflict resolution at the intersection of economics and ecology. Here he explores how we can learn to understand and respect other people and other species.


“An African Success: In Namibia, The People and Wildlife Coexist” – Richard Conniff

“Shoot an Elephant, Save a Community” – Terry Anderson and Shawn Regan

“Who Benefits from Kenya’s Wildlife?” – Joesph Magiri

"The Conservation Road Less Traveled" – Eric Kihiu Ngure

 Further Reading (Amazon Associates):

 Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really WorksDavid Schmidtz & Elizabeth Willott, editors

“Are All Species Equal?” Person, Polls, Planet: Essays in Applied PhilosophyDavid Schmidtz

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