PERC’s Five Year Vision

PERC is dedicated to improving environmental quality through property rights and markets. We envision results-focused conservation policies and practices that replace conflict with cooperation. Our goal is to foster a culture of environmental entrepreneurship.

Our five-year vision is to conserve land, water, and wildlife through incentives, property rights, and partnerships.

Specifically, we are focused on the following conservation visions:

Healthy Public Lands and Healthy Private Lands
  • Support both public and private lands in the interconnected role that each plays in sustaining healthy ecosystems by spearheading coalitions to defuse tensions between public and private land groups.
  • Further promote healthy ecosystems by reducing regulatory barriers at the federal and state levels that prevent the purchase or lease of rights to water, timber, grazing, or energy resources for conservation purposes.
Wildlife as Assets Instead of Liabilities
  • Protect national and international wildlife by developing and supporting market-based strategies and policy reforms that protect critical wildlife corridors and promote species as assets instead of liabilities.
Healthy, Resilient Forests
  • Promote policy reforms and market innovations such as forest resilience bonds, innovative financing, and water markets that allow for forest restoration and watershed protection.
Sustainable Funding for Public Land Management
  • Improve public land management by empowering national park superintendents and other public land managers with greater flexibility to spend revenues as they see fit, as well as ensure more sustainable funding through user-based funding mechanisms to better care for and maintain our public lands.
Water Conservation Innovation
  • Promote surface and groundwater quality and quantity through market-based tools such as water markets, groundwater adjudication, leasing, water banks, and innovative conservation funding for watershed and watercourse protection.