PERC shares the tools and stories of free market environmentalism through multimedia as well as writing. Through PERC-produced videos and podcasts and appearances in mainstream media we are able to promote creative approaches to conservation based in property rights and markets.


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Tending National Parks: What would you pay?: User fees can generate millions in revenue, adding much-needed funding for our national parks.


Elk in Paradise: Rancher, Ecologist, Hunter: To conserve big game migrations, we must keep the large, private lands of Paradise Valley intact.


Reining in the Wild Horse Crisis: Saving taxpayer dollars with a market-based solution to help solve the wild horse crisis on our public rangeland.


Hunting for Wildlife Recovery: How trophy hunting is helping conserve African wildlife in Mozambique.


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Radio and Podcasts

Cato Daily Podcast – Grizzly Bears and Endangered Species Recovery: PERC’s Executive Director, Brian Yablonski, spoke with Cato Daily Podcast host Caleb Brown about the changes that should be made to the Endangered Species Act in order to encourage greater species recovery.


Enviropreneurs at Work – Hank Fischer: Fischer, a special projects coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation, tells the story of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park.


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Media Appearances

PBS – Living with Grizzly Bears & Wolves: PERC executive director Brian Yablonski appears on PBS EcoSense to discuss the challenges and conservation opportunities that come with living with apex predators.

NPR – National Parks Have a Long To-Do List but Can’t Cover the Repair Costs: PERC Research Fellow Holly Fretwell appears on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition to discuss market-based solutions to make our national parks more financially self-sufficient. Learn more about the segment here.

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