Current Initiatives

During 2019, PERC is focused on the following issues:

  • Big Game Migration Corridors – Exploring methods of voluntary exchange to involve private landowners in protecting habitat necessary for elk, mule deer, and pronghorn migrations.
  • The Endangered Species Act – Improving the Endangered Species Act by incorporating reforms that would promote conservation of endangered species on private lands.
  • Monarch Butterflies – Researching approaches to incentivize the restoration of monarch habitat and milkweed along the butterfly’s migration pathways.
  • Private Conservation – Pursuing markets as a way to reward private landowners for acting as environmental stewards while benefiting the public.
  • Wild Horse Management – Promoting market-based approaches to restore wild horse and burro populations to biologically determined carrying capacities while reducing costs to the federal government.
  • Conservation Investment – Developing measures through which people can financially invest in conservation efforts.

Learn more about PERC’s research on wildlife here.

Public Lands
  • Public Lands Policy – Fostering better, more effective management of our nation’s public lands by harnessing the power of entrepreneurship, markets, property rights, and cooperative partnerships.
  • Recreation User Fees – Exploring innovative ways to apply user fees to fund maintenance and operational needs on public lands.
  • National Park Service Deferred Maintenance – Advocating innovative and cooperative approaches to reduce the deferred maintenance backlog on public lands.
  • Forest Service Policy – Identifying management challenges facing the U.S. Forest Service and proposing solutions based in markets and defined division of management responsibilities.
  • Watershed Restoration – Restoring watersheds through timber management and wildfire risk reduction.
  • Conservation Leasing – Reducing conflict over resource development on public lands by allowing conservationists to lease rights for non-use.
  • Public-Private Partnerships – Supporting cooperative partnerships between private conservation groups and public land managers to promote conservation on public lands while reducing costs.

Learn more about PERC’s research on public lands here.