What We Do


PERC is a research institute dedicated to promoting conservation by exploring how voluntary trade can produce positive environmental outcomes. We are committed to exploring the ideas of free market environmentalism, and this research is the foundation of PERC. Our current initiatives focus on market approaches to wildlife conservation and improving public lands management. This work then informs conservation policy and practice.


We strive to share the ideas of free market environmentalism through a variety of outreach efforts. PERC researchers impact environmental policy by testifying before Congress, providing public comments on proposed policies, and hosting informational events for policymakers. We regularly work with conservation groups to implement market approaches to conservation on the ground. We also share our research through media, in both PERC-created videos and podcasts and earned placements with major media outlets.

Conservation in Practice

PERC ideas are improving environmental outcomes around the world, and our Ideas in Action Map showcases these stories of entrepreneurial approaches to conservation.

Join Us

PERC hosts a range of programs and workshops that bring together scholars, policymakers, conservationists, and entrepreneurs to expand the application of free market environmentalism. If you’re interested in engaging with us, please consider applying for our various fellowships and subscribing to PERC updates.

PERC is changing the conservation narrative to achieve lasting outcomes that do not depend on political strength but rather come from cooperation and mutually beneficial exchange. We strive to take our research off the bookshelf and put the ideas into action.

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