About Us

The Property and Environment Research Center creates innovative conservation solutions through markets and incentives.

Conservation is most effective and lasting when it is voluntary, cooperative, and makes economic sense—when there are incentives to make conservation an asset, not a liability.

PERC is the national leader in creating market solutions for conservation, with over 40 years of pioneering research and a network of respected scholars and practitioners. We explore how aligning incentives for environmental stewardship produces sustainable outcomes for land, water, and wildlife.

We bring an innovative and urgently needed perspective to the conservation community—seeking to unite, not divide, and replace conflict with cooperation through the power of partnerships.

We are independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, and proudly based in Bozeman, Montana.


PERC is dedicated to advancing conservation through markets, incentives, property rights, and partnerships.



A world with healthy land, water, and wildlife sustained by voluntary, cooperative conservation and incentives for environmental stewardship.