PERC's Mission & Vision

PERC is dedicated to improving environmental quality through property rights and markets.

We envision conservation policies and practices that focus on results rather than rhetoric and replace conflict with cooperation. Our goal is to foster a culture of environmental entrepreneurship.


  • Markets, property rights, and the rule of law are fundamental to economic growth, and economic growth is fundamental to improving environmental quality.
  • Property rights make the environment an asset rather than a liablity by giving owners an incentive for stewardship.
  • Markets and the exchange process allow people with different priorities regarding the use of natural resources to cooperate rather than fight. When cooperation supplants conflict, gains from trade emerge.

PERC's team:

  • conducts research to advance understanding of complex environmental issues;
  • disseminates ideas through publications and educational outreach; and
  • empowers enviropreneurs by providing skills and training to scale up entrepreneurial efforts that improve the environment. 

PERC's team is made up of staff and research fellows.

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