Workshop Papers

Bruce Yandle
RS-02-1a Update:  2004Bruce Yandle, Madhusudan Bhattarai, and Maya Vijayaraghavan
Bruce Yandle
RS-02-1:  2002  By Bruce Yandle, Maya Vijayaraghavan, and Madhusudan Bhattarai
Andrew Morriss, Bruce Yandle
RS-02-3:  2002By Bruce Yandle, Andrew P. Morriss, and Lea-Rachel Kosnik
Bruce Yandle
RS-02-2:  2002
Donald Leal
February 13, 2002 By Don Leal
RS-01-1:  2001By Stuart Buck and David Gerard
By Dean LueckComplete Research Study PDF
Pierre Desrochers
Eco-Industrial Parks:The Case for Private PlanningRS-00-1:  2000by Pierre Desrochers
June 21, 2000Testimony to the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and WaterBy David Gerard PERC Research Associate
Donald Leal
July 10, 1997Statement for the Subcommittee on Parks and Public LandsBy Donald R. Leal PERC Senior Associate
Donald Leal, Holly Fretwell
Parks in Transition:A Look at State ParksRS-97-1  1997By Donald R. Leal and Holly Lippke Fretwell
The preliminary results of this research provide robust evidence that ozone levels well below federal air quality standards have a significant impact on productivity among hourly farm workers.
Todd Ben-Dor, a 2010 PERC Lone Mountain Fellow, examines the U.S. ecosystems services market that requires environmental restoration to offset aquatic resource damages. As the need for mitigation banking increases, he has studied forces affecting this growing market.
Kurt Schnier
This research empirically investigates cooperative behavior in a natural resource extraction industry in which the provision of a public good (bycatch avoidance) in the Alaskan flatfish fishery is essential to the duration of the fishing season, and an information provision mechanism exists to relay information to all individuals.
The authors explore the history of eminent domain in the United States—a history characterized by periodic public backlash.
Bruce Yandle
Environmental Kuznets Curves for carbon emissions raise doubts about the feasibility of reducing global carbon emissions..
Discussion Draft for Workshop “Water Markets: Why Not More?” Property and Environment Research Center Bozeman, Montana September 2009
By Frank F. Limehouse,Peter C. Melvin,andRobert E. McCormick