Carol Ferrie
Compiled by Carol Ferrie
Randy Simmons
Unconventional Entrepreneurs of the Navajo Nation
H. Spencer Banzhaf
What the birth of free-market economics can teach us about today's natural resource policies.
James G. Workman
One sunny day in La Jolla, at the public Windansea Beach, I tried to catch a wave and sit on top of the world. I splashed into the “wild, open, and free” waves with the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ Safari” melody in my head.  
Andrew Wilson
To keep the water running in LasVegas, recognize scarcity and let water rates rise-- double or even triple. Encourage homeowners to trade water rights. Let the market determine how much water people use, not the water police.
James G. Workman
Could the political conflict over wolf recovery efforts be resolved via economics? Let the bidding begin.
Seth Zuckerman
Productive farm land near large urban centers is being protected as conservation easements include farming as a stipulation of the tax-reducing easements.
Leonard Gilroy
In the grand scheme, state parks are an amenity that generally falls lower on the state’s priority list than education, health care, and corrections.
Matt Ridley
The “hockey stick” temperature graph is a mainstay of global warming science. A new book tells of one man’s efforts to dismantle it—and deserves to win prizes.
Megan Gurdon
Contemporary children are so drenched with eco-propaganda that it's almost a waste of resources. Like acid rain, but more persistent and corrosive, it dribbles down on them all day long.
La Monica Everett-Haynes
The United States must come to terms with its lavish use of water and, at the same time, figure out serious solutions to the immediate problem related to access to water.
Randy Simmons
Anglers are doing back flips over a recent Utah Supreme Court Decision that makes public all waters in the state and permits recreationists to use streams that cross private property.
Michael Copeland
There is a moment that comes to mind when recalling my short trip into the world of the enviropreneurs.
Edward Glaeser
Political movements are often built on literary foundations. Books, fiction or not, have the power to convince us impressionable readers that we face dire threats, such as unclean meat or pesticides.
Carol Ferrie
Of course I wanted to make the environment better. Doesn’t everybody?