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PERC Reports offers optimism and encouragement to climate change doomsayers. PERC advocates free market solutions for environmental problems, finding solutions where others find only frustration.
Compiled by Timothy M. Cranston  
130 billion pints for fish
Compiled by Timothy M. Cranston
Ideas travel far and fast
  Compiled by Timothy M. Cranston
PES model needs replicating
A Case of Government Discrimination
Different Constraints The various articles in your special issue (“American Indians and Property Rights,” June 2006) together illustrate a series of fundamentally important points.
  A Distorted Picture of Canadian Forests   Alison Berry?s article about Canadian forest management (?Timber Tenures,? March 2005) takes a somewhat truncated view of the situation?giving us all of the good but none of the bad.
Keep the Alternatives to Market-Based Hunting
From Jim Salzman, Professor of Law, Nicholas Institute, Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke University
A proponent of wind power takes on Thomas Tanton's article from December, and Tanton replies.
Letter to the Editor, From Ben F. Vaughan IV.
Some great articles, including “Bootleggers, Baptists, and Global Warming in Retrospect,” by Bruce Yandle; “Recycling Redux,” by Daniel Benjamin; and a book review “The Case Against the Hockey Stick,” by Matt Ridley. It was a refreshing read after being nauseated by the amount of talk on “sustainability” (i.e. save the environment, ignore the costs).
I’m torn. Some of my fondest Montana memories come from days of fly-fishing publicly accessed streams. In contrast, I’ve also conducted redd counts on one of the state’s most highly contested “stream access” streams and witnessed first-hand the natural resource benefits of privatization.
In the spirit of the political season Impressions highlights aspects of the environmental records of the two candidates from each major Party who have the most delegates at press time. PERC is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) and does not take a position on any candidate.