Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson took on the Department of Interior during a Fox News segement called "Cabinet Wrecking Ball." Appearng Friday, March 19 on Scoreboard with David Asman, Terry says that the Department of Interior holds billions of dollars in assets in our national p
By Jane Chastain Some people learn from their mistakes. It appears Barack Obama is not one of them.
By Marty Trillhaase
Private landowners with river and streams running through their property claim that stretch of water as their own, but rafters who float by claim the water belongs to the public.
Terry Anderson
Fox Business News correspondent John Stossel ignited a fire under many viewers when h
Annie Ireland
Fourteen fellows arrive at PERC to participate in the 2014 Enviropreneur Institute.
PERC and the George W. Bush Institute will host a conference on energy regulation on September 12, 2013 at the George W. Bush Center in Dallas, TX
PERC is excited to announce the addition of Suzi Berget White to the staff
Matt Ridley
The death this week of Ronald Coase, one of the world's most-cited economists, comes at a time when there is lively debate about the very issue he raised: why neither markets nor government are panaceas.
Terry Anderson
Maasai are incresaing their incomes by using a portion of their grazing land for wildlife viewing by tourists.
Mark Sherman
Supreme Court gives private property owners the right to challenge EPA rulings that affect the use of their property.
Fred Pearce
The long-held contention that rural forest communities are the prime culprits in tropical forest destruction is increasingly being discredited, as evidence mounts that the best way to protect rainforests is to involve local residents in sustainable management.
Juliet Eilperin
Hoping to defuse a three-decade feud over whale hunting, three academics are making an audacious proposal: The world should put a price on killing whales and allow conservationists and whalers alike to bid on the right to take them.
 From interview with Professor Matt TurnerGet ready for "Carmageddon:" Los Angeles will close one of its main freeways, Interstate 405, for 53 hours, starting Friday night and running through Monday morning.
Richard Conniff
In Namibia the people own the wildlife. Their system of community-based conservation has providedincome to local people and sharply increased key wildlife populations.
Laura Huggins
Green activism is often a threat to the very environment that activists are trying to save.
Paul Schwennesen
 By Paul Schwennesen

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Shawn Regan
That there are moose in Yellowstone today tells us something about nature and our role in it.