Stacey Kennealy is currently Certification Program and Sustainability Director at GreenFaith, an interfaith environmental organization that works across North America.
Amanda Karns is the Land Protection Specialist for The Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania. In this role Amanda works with landowners to protect important resources for biodiversity through acquisition of land and conservation
Raul Figueroa was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he grew up working on the 15-acre family coffee farm that his father bought to “make sure we would  never grow too far away from the land.” He earned his B.S.
Elika was born in Tehran, Iran, and spent her childhood in five different countries – Iran, UAE, India, Tunisia, & the US. This lifestyle shaped many of her beliefs and interests, such as a love for languages, culture, nature, traveling, and art.
Skeggs graduated from St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, with a degree in Geography.  She spent a year with the Faith Foundation on a project to help protect black rhinoceroses in Tanzania.