Joe Morris is a veteran government relations and public affairs strategist who has worked in the city of Atlanta local politics and government arena for quite some time.  Joe served as a project coordinator with Ahmann for the Atlanta Committee for Progress, an associatio
William Sellers IV is the founder and managing partner of Atlantic Timber Advisors, a consulting firm serving timberland landowners and investors. Will’s involvement in the timber industry stems from timberland that his family has owned for over a century.
Kyle Bryant, an Environmental Scientist working in the EPA’s B.R.I.D.G.E.
Jonathan Stober is a Conservation Biologist at the Joseph W.
Jennifer Pahl is an ecologist with Corblu Ecology Group, LLC in Lawrenceville, Georgia working on a range of environmental restoration and conservation projects.
Brett Howell is an environmental entrepreneur with extensive experience developing, implementing, and managing innovative conservation and sustainability-related programs.