Wendy Purnell

Director of Outreach

As PERC's Director of Outreach, Wendy's job is to help more people understand how property rights and enviropreneurs can resolve environmental conflicts. While only joining the team in 2014, she has worked with PERC’s ideas since 2002.

Wendy's belief in the power of markets to improve lives and protect ecosystems is rooted in hands-on experience. Working with Paso Pacífico, an NGO dedicated to biodiversity conservation, she helped foster economic and ecological resilience in Nicaragua. Programs she developed used market-based approaches to protect endangered species and restore habitat, and received recognition from National Geographic, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the InterAmerican Development Bank. 

Informed by PERC publications, Wendy launched the Czech Republic's first environmental education program, an interdisciplinary curriculum used in high school science, civics, and language classes nationwide. Working with PERC Fellows at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University, Wendy directed an educational outreach program exploring the principles and practices of free market environmentalism.

A Rocky Mountain native, University of Oregon Duck, and sometimes Southern Californian, Wendy grew up skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, and body surfing in some of the prettiest parts of America. She is happy to call PERC home. 


For media inquiries, contact her at wendy@perc.org.

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