Application Page

The 2016 Enviropreneur Institute application will be online soon. Please email Scott Wilson to be notified once the application is live.

Applications must be submitted electronically, and should include the following uploaded materials:

  1. A current resume;
  2. A description of one of your own  favorite successful entrepreneurial endeavors - it may be a lemonade stand, or an arbitrage opportunity you exploited, or something completely different (5oo words or less);
  3. A current business or project summary (750 words or less) describing a conservation-oriented business or non-profit project that you have begun or will soon begin after the Enviropreneur Institute;
  4. A personal statement (250 words or less) describing yourself and explaining why you want to attend the Enviropreneur Institute;
  5. Two letters of recommendation; and
  6. A photo of yourself.

The Application window for the 16th annual Enviropreneur Institute will open in early 2016.

Please contact Scott Wilson (, with any questions related to the application process.

All required documents must be received by the deadline (TBA) for your application to be considered for the 2016 Enviropreneur Institute.