Lone Mountain Forums

The fundamental purpose of the Lone Mountain Forums is to ensure that PERC’s research moves beyond academia and that the principles of free market environmentalism are extending to an ever-growing network of scholars, policy makers, and environmental leaders.

Some presentations are recorded for podcasts and brief videos, which highlight Lone Mountain Fellow research. Furthermore, with the creation of a PERC Social Science Research Network (SSRN) journal, we quickly disseminate Lone Mountain Fellow working papers to our growing community of SSRN subscribers.


October 8-9
Bozeman, Montana
Directed by: Terry Anderson

The goal of the forum is to explore whether environmental improvements are now surpassing environmental deteriorations as the world gets smarter and richer. Much of the research by invited participants suggests that the answer may be yes, especially because we better understand the inextricable link between environmental problems and the economy. Lest we become complacent, however, this forum will explore how economics and ecology complement one another and what more can be done to create information and incentives for stewardship in a global economy and global environment.

The idea for the workshop was sparked by conversations with Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist, who will be lead the final session and distill what this means for the future of environmentalism.