Upcoming Special Events

July 21: Wildfire Art Installation & Reception at The Foundry, Bozeman, Montana

July 22: Wildfire Solutions Summit at the Baxter Hotel, Bozeman, Montana

July 22: Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation, a half-day seminar at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado. Hosted by the Woodford Foundation for Limited Government.

PERC hosts and participates in numerous events to encourage discussion and understanding of key issues surrounding free market environmentalism. These events provide an opportunity for distinguished scholars, policy experts, and others—from across the country and often from around the globe—to speak about how property rights and markets can work to create environmental quality.

PERC events are popular not only due to the quality of the attendees and topics, but also to the opportunity it provides participants to form new friendships, and for sharing perspectives in a one-of-a-kind, engaging environment. Some events are targeted to specific groups such as entrepreneurs, scholars, and students, while others are open to the public.

Please visit our calendar page, This Week at PERC, for a complete list of PERC workshops, seminars, and events.