Volume 36, No.1, Summer 2017

From the Editor

Shawn Regan
All is not well on America’s public lands. 


Reed Watson
Why we should harness markets to manage public lands.


Shawn Regan
For some environmental groups, oil and wildlife never mix—except when it comes to their own property.

Featured Articles

Laura Huggins
As public land battles simmer, a new private model emerges to pay ranchers to conserve wildlife.
Brian Yablonski, Melinda Harm Benson
Lessons learned from one of the largest public land experiments in the United States.
Tim Fitzgerald, Randy Rucker
How to rein in the costs of the federal government’s wild horse program.
Bruce Yandle
Trump’s Paris exit and the Bootlegger-Baptist disarray
Roger Sedjo
Do we need a new mission for our national forests?
Tate Watkins
As locals clash with elk reintroduced to the Smokies, can strategies from the West serve as a blueprint to mitigate conflicts?
Shawn Regan
But will the new interior secretary take on the federal-lands bureaucracy?


Daniel Benjamin
New research on the life-saving power of air conditioning.


John Freemuth, Jay O’Laughlin, Robert Nelson, Leisl Carr Childers, Randy Newberg, Holly Fretwell, Donald J. Kochan
A PERC forum