Volume 35, No.1, Summer 2016

From the Editor

Shawn Regan
This special issue of PERC Reports explores the policy implications of the Anthropocene.


wildlife, water, and western lands
Reed Watson
Research at PERC has historically focused on the three Ws: water, wildlife, and western lands. New initiatives examine energy innovations, urban environmental issues, and more.

On the Lookout

Jonathan Adler
The environment is dynamic. Our regulatory state is not.

Featured Articles

Shawn Regan
Science alone cannot resolve most environmental issues.
James Huffman
Getting the incentives right.
R. David Simpson
Are ecosystem services really valuable enough to justify conservation?
Linus Blomqvist
We conserve nature by using less of it—but to do so we must embrace modern technology.
black rhinoceros transported by helicopter
Michael `t Sas-Rolfes
Is wildlife breeding an acceptable conservation strategy?
pile of bison skulls to be ground into fertilizer
Peter Hill
Why bison were worth more dead than alive in the 19th century.
Once “entirely destitute of trees,” according to Charles Darwin, Ascension Island has become richly vegetated and produced a cloud  rainforest as humans introduced plants from all across the world.  Photo © Ascension Island Government.
Mark Sagoff
A species walks into a bar...

FME in Action

Mr. Trash Wheel  in Baltimore, Maryland
Wendy Purnell
Crowdsourcing data to remove plastic from waterways—and (one day) earn a profit.
Prescribed burn school at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Wendy Purnell
Innovative financial tools allow land managers to address wildfire risk.