Volume 34, No.2, Winter 2015

Reed Watson
Around the world, landowners enhance wildlife habitat, clean water, and provide recreational opportunities. This issue of PERC Reports features stories of private conservation in the public interest.
Terry Anderson
We follow the lead of Aldo Leopold by reinforcing a land ethic that rewards landowners who engage in private conservation.

On the Lookout

Jonathan Adler
The EPA’s new water rule could discourage private conservation efforts.


Drew Johnson
Restoring private land is big business—and the benefits flow well beyond property boundaries.

Featured Articles

Ben Guillon, Geoff Smick, Rob Schell, Liz Agraz
How assigning property rights to protected species turned a landfill into a conservation bank.
Brian Seasholes
Private landowners are the driving force behind sage grouse conservation.
A quiet revolution is sweeping across the West, forging a new approach to conservation in the 21st century.
Gregg Simonds
Ranchers navigate ecosystems of perpetual change.


Daniel Benjamin
When it comes to protecting fisheries, not all property rights are created equal.

Private Conservation Snapshots

Hannah Downey
Conservation efforts transform a cattle ranch into a wildlife haven.
Hannah Downey
A safari group and local tribe join together to protect wildlife.
Hannah Downey
Private landowners provide a city with clean water.
Hannah Downey
Farmers contract with upstream land users to conserve cloud forests.

Last Word

Shawn Regan
Want public access to private land? There’s an app for that.