Volume 33, No.2, Fall/Winter 2014

From the Editor

Shawn Regan
This special issue of PERC Reports is dedicated to PERC’s Lone Mountain Fellows. In our cover story, Michael 't Sas-Rolfes explores the war on wildlife trade and offers insights from his recent research at PERC.

Featured Articles

Whitney Tilt
Hunters and anglers help fund public land conservation. Should others pitch in?
Matthew Turner
A new study says a little less might be better.
Tim Fitzgerald
The economics behind America's shale revolution.
Michael `t Sas-Rolfes
Is the prohibitionist approach really helping?


Spencer Banzhaf
What the birth of free-market economics can teach us about today's natural resource policies.
Josh Eagle
A "right to reef out" could encourage private investments in coastal restoration.
Frank Wolak
Q&A with 2014 Lone Mountain Fellow Frank Wolak.


Terry Anderson
The federal government can help produce fish and wildlife habitat.
Reed Watson
As free market environmentalism becomes more mainstream, PERC continues to evolve.

FME in Action

Wendy Purnell
Conservation program pays farmers to create habitat on demand.
Wendy Purnell
Maritime industry protects marine mammals.
Wendy Purnell
Water markets reconnect the Colorado to the Pacific.