Volume 33, No.1, Summer 2014

From the Editor

Laura Huggins
En·vi·ro·pre·neur: difficult to pronounce but easy to conceptualize.


James G. Workman
An upwelling of PERC-trained innovators quietly replenish the sea.
Annie Ireland
The intersection of agriculture, economics, and textiles.
Charlotte Huus-Henriksen
Tackling air quality issues one smartphone at a time.
Logan Yonavjak
How one enviropreneur is harnessing private capital for innovation in environmental ventures.


Terry Anderson
Seeing environmental problems as opportunities.
Andrew Morriss
Development of energy sources is raising eminent domain issues.


Roger Meiners
A review of "Simpler: The Future of Government," by Cass Sunstein.
Brent Fewell
Q&A with PERC's new executive director Reed Watson.
Holly Fretwell
An eco-tour outfit's success in the Seychelles and a new line of denim made from recycled materials.